Project SAP ~ Science & Algebra Partnership

Project SAP is a one year professional development program for high school math and science teachers from multiple parishes. Participants are immersed in a content based, inquiry driven, hands-on training that aims to help teachers lead students to a greater understanding of the connections between math and science.

The teachers involved in this project completed an intense 10-day Summer Institute and will continue to build on their learning with 5 follow-up sessions during the school year. Instruction is provided by college professors and experienced educators.

The teachers were tasked with creating interactive math & science lessons to share with other teachers at the LATM & LSTA Joint Conference which will be held in Shreveport, LA on October 21 & 22.

LATM & LSTA 2014 Conference Resources

(Session 88)
Angry Birds Project
Density Demonstration: Coke vs. Diet Coke
Match that Function
Punkin Chunkin
Single Arm Balance Project

Karen Arbuckle's Presentations:
Math Design Collaborative Lesson: How to use the Math Shell Lesson for Your Classroom (Session 22)
Easy Way to do Formative Assessment in any Classroom (Session 44, 226)
Tape Diagrams (Session 66)

Great Resources We Gathered at the Conference

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