With the explosion of Web 2.0, there are more resources available than we could ever look at on our own. Below are numerous resources you will find helpful while planning from unit builders to lesson plans and more. If you have something to share, please contact us!

Unit Builders

LDC http://ldc.org/
The Literacy Design Collaborative is a FREE research proved framework that is super easy to use to build your unit plans. After selective an overall Task for the unit, the CC standards are automatically populated along with a rubric for grading the unit task. You can add additional standards from a easy selection form. Standards from all the states and numerous national standards and CCSS are available. Collaboration with other teachers is also available.

Lesson Plan Builders

Common Curriculum http://www.commoncurriculum.com/
The Common Curriculum planbook is an awesome way to digitize your lessons with freedom to create templates personalized to your classroom. This is free to teachers and you can even collaborate with fellow teachers. All lessons can be saved as a pdf and they will soon be adding the ability to share a weblink for students and parents which is a great help when adding files and websites! If a district or school wishes to implement this format, they offer a purchased account with more features such as unlimited planbook sharing, access from district/school level, etc.

Learning Management Systems

Edu 2.0 https://www.edu20.org/
Most of us have used Blackboard or Moodle while taking classes or workshops. If you have ever priced Blackboard, it isn't one of those items a teacher can pay for on their own. Moodle is a great free option that you can setup and put on your server, but would require lots of work. Edu 2.0 is a FREE learning management system similar to Blackboard. There is a purchase option for Edu 2.0 where you can have extras, but it is VERY reasonable and nothing compared to other paid for LMS options. There are too many great features to list them all, but here are a few: news feed (similar to facebook), lessons, assignments including the option for computer grading, debates, discussion boards, messaging, etc.

Fun Graphic Creators

MyFunStudio http://www.myfunstudio.com/designs/
The design section of MyFunStudio allows you to create graphics/words from scrabble tiles, periodic table, and more. These are fun "extras" you can use to jazz up your handout, site, or classroom:)