Welcome to Tech Fusion!

Are you wanting to find out about the latest technology craze? Maybe you are looking for ways to integrate technology. You have come to the right place! Our focus is to enhance an educator’s ability to do their work, instill an interest in lifelong learning, and provide tools to increase student achievement.

TECH Fusion is a place for educators to collaborate, share, and promote current events for Region VII LACUE and beyond. Whether you are a techie newbie or expert - public or private - home school or education major, we have something for you! You aren't even required to be an educator in Region VII or Louisiana for that matter:)

This site will always be under construction, because we want you to help build it. We just started the site in October 2014, so we can't wait to see it GROW!! Whether you have fun thoughts for the classroom, a full project to share, or just great resources. Have something to share? Contact us and we can share the resource, create a page for you to expand, or we can create a page and put all the resources/information on it for you.

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We are looking for at least one representative from each Region VII parish as well as additional collaborators. Contact me if you would like to join our team!